The Chocoholic Cupcakes



Indulge in Chocoholic Cupcakes – A Decadent Delight! ๐Ÿซ๐Ÿง๐Ÿคค

Are you a true chocolate enthusiast living in Brisbane or the Gold Coast? If so, brace yourself for an extraordinary chocolate experience that will delight your taste buds like never before! Our Chocoholic Cupcake is a chocolate lover’s dream come true.

Picture this: Six or twelve of the most delectable chocolate cupcakes you’ll ever lay your eyes on. Each mouthwatering cupcake is meticulously crafted with love, using the finest Belgium chocolates, ensuring a rich and luxurious cocoa flavour that’s second to none.

But that’s not all! Our Chocoholic Cupcake is generously crowned with a heavenly swirl of premium Belgium chocolate buttercream. Soft, velvety, and oh-so-smooth, this buttercream takes chocolate indulgence to new heights, leaving you craving more with every luscious bite.

And the surprises don’t stop there! Prepare to be captivated by a delightful assortment of yummy chocolate treats that adorn these cupcakes, elevating them to an unrivaled level of sweetness. Every bite is a journey through a chocolate wonderland, where pure bliss awaits you.

Ordering these heavenly delights is a piece of cake! Simply place an order for our Chocoholic Cupcakes and have them delivered right to your doorstep. Whether you’re in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, your quest for the perfect chocolate cupcakes ends here.

So, why wait? Treat yourself, your friends, or your loved ones to this chocoholic’s dream. Experience the ultimate pleasure of biting into these divine creations and discover a world of chocolate ecstasy that will leave you smiling from ear to ear.

Take a bite of pure chocolate paradise with our Chocoholic Cupcake! Order your chocolate cupcakes near you now!

Cupcake Size: Regular x 6 or 12 cupcakes
Cupcake Flavour: Belgium Chocolate
Decoration: Belgium Chocolate buttercream, loaded with yummy chocolate treats
Contains: Gluten, eggs, dairy

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Box Size

6 box, 12 box