The RU OK Day Cupcakes


Introducing The RU OK Day Cupcakes! 🎗️💬

Are you ready to spread positivity and make meaningful connections? Our RU OK Day cupcakes are the perfect treat to encourage heartwarming conversations and foster a sense of togetherness within your community.

These delightful vanilla or chocolate-flavoured cupcakes are topped with a velvety white vanilla buttercream that’s simply divine. But there’s more to these cupcakes than meets the eye! Each one is adorned with the iconic RU OK? branding, making them not only delicious but also powerful conversation starters.

RU OK? Day is all about reaching out to those who might be struggling with emotional insecurity and addressing social isolation. These specially crafted R U OK? Day cupcakes are designed to help facilitate discussions, whether it’s amongst colleagues, friends, or loved ones.

So, why not make a difference and create a positive impact? Share the love and show someone you care with The RU OK? Day Cupcake. Get a box for your workplace or event and let the conversations flow, bringing everyone closer together.

Join the movement and let these delightful treats ignite meaningful conversations and promote community cohesiveness. Remember, one small gesture can make a world of difference! 🌍✨

Cupcake Size: Regular
Cupcake Flavour: Vanilla or Chocolate
Cupcake Decoration: White Vanilla Buttercream, topped with R U OK? branding
Contains: Gluten, Egg, Dairy

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6 box, 12 box, 24 box, 50 box, 100 box, 150 box, 200 box, 250 box, 300 box