The Sprinkle Deluxe Cupcakes



Introducing the Sprinkle Deluxe Cupcake! 🎉

Looking for a delightful treat that captures the essence of joy and fun? Look no further! Our Sprinkle Deluxe Cupcakes are the perfect choice for cupcake enthusiasts in Brisbane and Gold Coast. 🌟

Choose Your Size: Indulge in a box of 12 delightful cupcakes available in two options – Mini or Regular. Whether you prefer bite-sized bliss or a classic cupcake experience, we’ve got you covered. Our cupcakes are made with a luscious vanilla base, delivering a melt-in-your-mouth sensation with every bite. You’ll savour the moist and delectable texture that leaves you craving for more. These cupcakes take the sprinkle game to the next level! Each cupcake is generously rolled in hundreds and thousands, creating a burst of colours and adding a delightful crunch to the experience. We top off each cupcake with a tantalising combination of smarties and a freckle. These colorful and flavorful additions bring an extra layer of happiness to your taste buds.

Our Sprinkle Deluxe Cupcakes are perfect for any occasion – birthday parties, celebrations, or simply as a treat to brighten your day. They’re guaranteed to bring smiles to faces of all ages.

These cupcakes also make for a wonderful gift to surprise your loved ones with a touch of sweetness. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive a box of happiness adorned with sprinkles and love?

Cupcake Size: Mini x 12 cupcakes or Regular x 12 cupcakes
Cupcake Flavour: Vanilla
Decoration: Buttercream icing, rolled in hundreds and thousands, topped off with smarties & a freckle
Contains: Gluten, eggs, dairy

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Cupcake Size

Mini, Regular